Dr. Sarah Hyre, values chiropractic care at the highest level.  Therefore she provides the adjustment or combination of adjustments that your body needs to heal most efficiently and gently.  Her chiropractic adjustments are fast, precise, effective and GENTLE.


At Hyre Chiropractic, Dr. Hyre is responsive to patient requests, both in and out of the office.  If you contact her, she will respond in 24 hours or less.  We are here for you.


When you arrive at Hyre Chiropractic you will not sit in the waiting room for hours on end.  Your appointment time is yours and therefore you will be seen at the time that is reserved for you.  Of course, people do and can run late, and Dr. Hyre will communicate this with you.  We value your time, your life, and your schedule.  


Dr. Hyre will do anything possible to communicate with you, whether in person or via one of our many mediums of communication.  If there is a "problem" we will communicate it with you at once and we ask that you do the same.  We will work to find a solution, together.


Dr. Hyre holds a high level of integrity for her practice and patients.  She is honest, forthcoming, and does what she says she will do. Only in times where ethics or a patient's level of care is of concern, she may "change her mind".  All decisions are ultimately made in the patient's best interest.