Chiropractic Care

Dr. Hyre provides effective manual chiropractic adjustments to the full spine and extremities.  She will create a care plan designed just for you.  She uses her hands and/or a spring loaded instrument, called an Activator to administer the adjustment.  She does not do anything without educating the patient first and answering any questions the client may have prior to the treatment.  The chiropractic adjustment is the most important part of your visit. The below services are offered as well, but only as a supplement or adjunct to gain more information about you.  The chiropractic adjustment enables your body to function as it was made to since you were a baby.  Your brain controls everything in your body, even the wiggling of your toes.  In life, we have stress, and this causes your spine to become "stuck" which is called a subluxation.  When your spine is out of an alignment, your body will not function as it was meant to.  At Hyre Chiropractic we focus on giving you the best most effective chiropractic adjustment so that you can...heal.

Myofascial Release

This is a type of soft tissue therapy used with active participation by the patient.  Muscles have an attachment to two or more bones.  For example, your bicep is attached near your shoulder, and near your elbow.  Often, muscles get "stuck" to one of their attachment sites.  If necessary Dr. Hyre will use this modality to release the muscle from the bone, in addition to the chiropractic adjustment.  You will experience optimal range of motion and functionality of both your muscles and bones.  They both need to move to function well.  Myofascial Release (MFR), is great for sciatica, shoulder problems, foot pain, back pain, neck pain/stiffness and more.

Muscle Testing

Dr. Hyre uses muscle testing to tell her what you need. Imagine that.  It's really about communication.  She uses muscle testing to know if your brain is adequately communicating with your body.  Muscle testing isn't about Strength, it's about Function.  Specifically, how is your nervous system functioning.  How is your brain telling your body what to do or not do.  When you have vertebrae out of alignment in your spine, your brain cannot communicate with your body efficiently.  This is simply another way Dr. Hyre decides where and/or what levels of your spine that you need work and/or a chiropractic adjustment.


This is the taping most people have seen used in sports or while watching the Olympics.  The tape Dr. Hyre uses is very light and non irritating.  She will most likely use a muscle test to find out where exactly you need support.  The tape is so light, that often you won't feel it.  How it works is, when you have an injury, large or small, your brain "shuts down" that area, not giving it the necessary energy it needs to heal.  The tape sends a signal to your brain that says...."bring more energy here" or "hey what about me?!"  The tape very often causes pain to decrease even more & can protect you from overdoing it.  It's light, yet durable enough so you can still do all your normal activities, even shower.

Adhesion Breaking/Scar Tissue Reduction

Dr. Hyre may use metal tools to an area of your body to break up scar tissue.  Adhesion breaking is gentle and not painful, yet very effective.  Your body creates scar tissue as part of the healing process, however, the scar tissue tends to "wall off" the injured area, not allowing maximum function and healing.  The scar tissue around the area needs to be "broken up" to ensure full spectrum healing.  The adhesion breaking has many benefits because it increases blood flow and healing to the injured area.  Dr. Hyre is happy to go over the process in more detail in your visit.  Adhesion Breaking is great for foot problems like plantar fasciitis, and back pain, including disc herniations.

Foam Rolling/Exercise Recommendations

Dr. Hyre will give you simple exercises and ways to complement your treatments.   Health and wellness is a lifestyle.  If you don't use it, you do lose it.  Simple foam rolling or mobility exerices recommended by Dr. Hyre can maintain your body's natural abilty to move and be healthy and hopefully not need to come to a chiropractor as often.  Foam rolling is quite fun and easy and can be done while watching tv, or for a few minutes in the morning or evening.  You'll be surprised how just a few minutes day can make a huge difference with ailments like back pain, foot pain, neck pain and so much more.

Onsite/Corporate Wellness Services

Dr. Hyre also offers onsite Chiropractic Care at your company.  She will bring everything.  Simply let her know your company or organization is interested in having this great service onsite, and she will do the rest.  It's fast, easy, inexpensive, and most of all, convenient!